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Your HVAC system uses up to half of the energy your entire Brownfield, TX home consumes. Because of this, it’s important to keep the system in good working order. Take a look at some bad habits that can hurt your HVAC system and increase your energy expenses.

Forgetting Regular Maintenance

Replacing or cleaning the air filters is one of the most important maintenance tasks that you can do for your HVAC system. Dirty and clogged filters prevent air from flowing through the system smoothly. This has a significant impact on its efficient operation. Along with making the unit work harder, the air that bypasses the filter carries dirt into the evaporator coil, causing damage.

Regular maintenance for the coils and fins is also essential to the function and efficiency of the system. When you neglect this maintenance, the performance of your HVAC unit will decline and it will consume more energy. Hiring an expert is the safest approach because doing your own repairs to save money could backfire and lead to more damage and higher repair costs.

Obstructing HVAC Airflow

Blocking the airflow at the outdoor unit with furniture, plants or decorations causes damage inside of the system, which can be costly to repair. Similarly, closing the indoor vents to redirect airflow goes against how the system is designed to work, creating pressure in the ductwork. As a result, the system can suffer damage and run longer to cool your home. Keeping all points of airflow clear and open allows for more efficient HVAC operation.

Running the Air Conditioning When You’re Not Home

Leaving your air conditioner on all day can be bad for both the system and your energy bill. If you’re like most of the population, your home is empty for several hours each weekday. Leaving the system on during this time is a waste of energy and money. Also, it slowly drains the life expectancy of your system.

Installing a programmable thermostat can improve the life and performance of your HVAC system and help you save money on energy consumption. It allows you to program the system to adjust the temperature when you leave and again before you get home.

To learn more about how to maintain your air conditioning system and reduce your energy bill, contact the experts at JD’s Prompt Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning at (806) 853-6424 or stop by our office to speak with a team member in person.

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