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In the plumbing business, we often say that there is no such thing as a small leak. What seems like a minor drip can result in thousands of gallons of water wasted over the course of a year. Don’t ignore those small leaks. Control waste in your Lubbock, Texas, home, and keep more money in your pocket.

Leaks Get Worse and Damage Your Home

No leak is going to fix itself or go away on its own. Leaks can result from wear and tear, corrosion, or excess pressure in the pipes. If you ignore the leak, that underlying problem will only get worse, which means more water waste, an even higher utility bill, and greater repair costs.

Failing to address the cause of a leak can eventually result in flooding. You might find yourself with expensive or even irreparable damage that started from that tiny drip. Water around faucets and toilet bowl and under sinks are common. Note that many leaks occur behind walls. Look for telltale signs like stains on drywall or the ceiling of rooms on the lower level.

Timely Action Matters

If you see signs of a leak, take action and contact a professional as soon as possible. A sudden surge in your water bill could point to leaks that are out of sight. Leaks also create an ideal environment that encourages the spread of spores and bacteria. Our expert plumbers have the experience and the equipment to provide efficient leak detection and repair services.

Contact our team today for plumbing repairs, and prevent a small issue from becoming a big problem. We understand that time, expenses, and concerns about letting strangers in your home can be factors. We strive for customer satisfaction with each service call in order to meet your comfort requirements. All our plumbers must pass background checks and drug tests. Call JD’s Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for the reliable plumbing services you need.

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