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Re-piping your Meadow home is a project that can result in sturdier, more durable pipes, but many homeowners believe they can tackle this major project without the help of a plumber. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself plumbing projects often lead to long-term damage that ends up costing more to fix than a professional would have charged for the original project. Here are three reasons to consult a plumber before updating your pipes.

Code Issues

The Washington Post warns of the dangers of doing home renovations without a permit. Before you undertake a major plumbing project in your Meadow home, you need to ensure you have any permits needed to complete the work. Even if homeowners obtain the proper permits before beginning a piping project, most homeowners do not have the knowledge needed to adhere to building codes through the duration of the project. Code enforcement may end up telling you to rip everything out and start over after the entire project is complete.

Forgotten Shutoff Valves

What happens when you forget to check just one shutoff valve? Depending on how long it takes to realize there’s a problem, a forgotten shutoff valve can lead to a soggy disaster. Professionals have the experience and the expertise needed to run through each step quickly and efficiently when completing a project to prevent damage and achieve the desired results.

It’s Not Just Pipes

If you want to access interior piping, you may face the task of opening up walls. Re-piping on your own is a daunting enough task; when you add the expertise needed to open up walls and replace the drywall at the completion of the job, you can be sure a professional plumber is the best option. These types of do-it-yourself projects often end with costly carpentry damage.

For more information on how hiring a professional can help you avoid disaster during your plumbing project, check out JD’s Prompt Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning’s re-piping solutions or call (806) 853-6424.

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