Types of Cooling Systems and How They Work | Air Conditioner Installation in Lubbock, TX

Types of Cooling Systems and How They Work | Air Conditioner Installation in Lubbock, TX

Cooling or air conditioning systems can seem more complex than heating systems. Instead of using energy to create heat, that energy cools the air instead. Most depend on a compressor cycle which can also be found in refrigerators.

Before opting for air conditioner installation in Lubbock, TX, check out the range of cooling systems that are available. That way you can make an informed decision. Here are some of them that you may come across as you shop around:

Window Based Units

As the name implies, these cooling units are designed to be installed in windows. The system that works these air conditioners is self-contained. What this means is that all of the components that it is made of can be found inside the single case. This makes air conditioner installation in Lubbock, TX easier for those who need a unit urgently.

Needless to say window air conditioners are a big hit with homeowners since they are not difficult to install. The unit can be fitted into any window without effort with the base of the sill working as support.

These units work by pulling hot air from the space they are installed in and replace it with cold air through the vents. However, these units are ideal for you if you need them for one room only. On the other hand, if the rooms in your home are interconnected and don’t have doors blocking air circulation, window air conditioner installation in Lubbock, TX is a good idea.

Walled-in Units

Before opting for air conditioner installation in Lubbock, TX, you should also check out walled-in air conditioners. These are quite similar to the window variety and share the same design as well. However, there are some differences that set them apart.

For one thing, walled-in conditioners are mounted on walls rather than available windows. Plus, unlike window air conditioners, these units do not have venting mechanisms. That’s because vents can be blocked by the wall the air conditioner is installed in which in turn compromises cooling capacity. This is also the reason why these units offer faster and better cooling than window air conditioners. However, they also weigh more so make sure that the walls can handle the weight before going for air conditioner installation in Lubbock, TX.

 Portable Units

These are also standalone units which means that all of the components are inside, out of the way. However, unlike the previous 2 air conditioners, portable units do not require permanent installation and can be taken from room to room. These are perfect for you if you don’t want to block a window or have a hole drilled in your walls.

Portable air conditioners work by dispelling hot air from a room through an exhaust hose. Just place it in front of an open window to make sure that the warm air does not get trapped inside.

However, it is important to note that portable units are only ideal for small spaces or spaces that are less than 600 square feet. If you have a bigger space, you should opt for bigger units and air conditioner installation in Lubbock, TX.

Ductless Units

Ductless air conditioners are also known as Split System air conditioners and these are equally popular with home and business owners. Since the condenser is actually installed outside, it makes little to no noise as it operates. During air conditioner installation in Lubbock, TX only the blowers are mounted on the wall inside which results in little to no fuss.

As the name implies ductless unit do not dispel cold air around a space through ducts. Rather these use refrigeration lines to do this. These lines start from the condenser and connect to the blower unit which allows this air conditioner to cool multiple rooms or a large space effectively.

Depending on the capacity of the unit you purchase, you can connect it with multiple blowers. This is ideal if you want to save costs and provide cooling for a large space at the same time. Plus, these units do not need to be placed in a large wall cavity to work. All they need is a small hole for the drain pipe and coil. So if you choose this unit before air conditioner installation in Lubbock, you won’t have to worry about the mess.

Ductless air conditioners are also available in a range of designs and capacities so you won’t have trouble finding one that meets your needs. However, they may be more efficient than other units, but they require more maintenance compared to the previously mentioned air conditioners.

How Does an AC Cool Your Home?

Air conditioners use chemicals that turn from a gas to a liquid form very quickly. This is what allows cooling units to dispel heat from a room and throw it outside.

There are basically 3 parts of a typical air conditioner that make it work – the evaporator, the compressor and the condenser. When the fluid leaves the compressor, it does so in the form of a low pressure gas and heads to the condenser. This hot gas cools down with the aid of metal fins which are installed all around the unit.

After the cooled gas leaves the condenser it turns to liquid due to high pressure. After that it heads to the evaporator through a tiny hole after which it de-pressurizes. When this happens, the fluid turns back to a gas and evaporates.

During the evaporation process, heat is extracted from the air. This heat works on the liquid to separate the molecules so it acquires a gaseous state. After the fluid leaves the evaporator it goes back to the compressor and the process starts all over again. A fan that is connected to the evaporator circulates the cold air generated by the liquid turning into gas and dispels it throughout the room.

The process continues till the room the unit is installed in reaches the required temperature. Once that happens the thermostat senses it and shuts down the air conditioner and turns it back up again if the space starts to get warm. You should know this before air conditioner installation in Lubbock, TX.

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