If you’re experiencing indoor air quality problems, you should consider investing in a top-of-the-line zoned heating and cooling system. It makes a huge difference, because it comes with several thermostats that offer you full control for heating and cooling separate areas of your home independently. This helps bring down your energy costs and promotes a more comfortable living environment inside your house.

At JD’s Prompt Plumbing, Heating and Air, we can help maximize the comfort of your home through our state-of-the-art zoned heating and cooling systems.

What is a Zoned System?

A zoned heating and cooling system divides your house into separate zones, and each zone has its own thermostat, allowing you to set different temperatures all over your home. Zoning is the future, and offers various benefits to homeowners, like eliminating hot and cold spots in your home. It also offers individual control over the temperature in every home.

How Does a Zoned System Work?

The zoned heating and cooling system is controlled by electronic dampers installed in your ductwork. These dampers manage the hot and cool air flow throughout your house. The thermostat of your zoned heating and cooling system gives you control over the temperature settings in each zone, which creates a comfortable living environment in your house.

The thermostat alerts the damper when an area in your home needs more air from the air conditioner or the heater and allows more air through the ductwork. When an area in your home is at the desired temperature, the thermostat alerts the dampers, and will then filter throughout the rest of the house.

Benefits of Zoned Heating and Cooling Systems

Zoned heating and cooling systems offer several advantages to homeowners, and the most notable ones are as follows:

  • Decreased Home Energy Costs
    If you’re worried about rising energy bills, you should consider installing a zoned heating and cooling system in your home. It significantly reduces your heating and cooling costs. A properly installed zoned heating and cooling systems can help you save 30% on your energy bills, by ensuring desired temperature levels are maintained throughout your house.
  • Increased Home Comfort
    The standard HVAC system only has one thermostat to control the temperature settings of your whole house. These centrally located thermostats don’t effectively maintain the temperature for your home, which is why you have hot and cold spots all over your home. With a zoned heating and cooling system, you don’t need to worry about that, since it has several thermostats that control the temperature in every zone or area in your home.
  • Convenience
    When you’re thinking about convenience, a zoned heating and cooling system offers you that and so much more. You don’t need to venture to other parts of your house to adjust temperature. The electronic dampers in the ducts can handle all that, bringing more convenience into your life.

If you’re thinking about getting a zoned heating and cooling system installed in your home, you can get in touch with JD’s Prompt Plumbing, Heating and Air for a free consultation today!